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A membership for Designers 

Done-for-you Showit canvas designs with commercial use for endless possibilities  to create websites  and sell  them over and over again.

Imagine NEVER having to spend hours and hours designing from total SCRATCH again! 

create freedom and eliminate overwhelm 

Get access to 100's of universal canvases with wireframes already built to build websites with all the moving parts, from call to actions to blog design styles and everything in-between. 

“I absolutely love the site canvas studio collections. They are easy to use and manipulate to any style that you want. No more staring at a blank canvas trying to see what works and doesn’t.

This takes out the guesswork and jump starts the creativity. I am a visual learner and need to see something to transform it. And this is a perfect tool I needed in my design business."

"No more staring at a blank canvas trying to see what works and doesn’t. This takes out the guesswork and jump starts the creativity."

debbie E.

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Your membership to the Site Canvas Studio includes collection sets of stylized website sections. Each group includes various sections such as call-to-action canvases, faq, gallery, blog, contact forms, and so much more. Each collection has anywhere from 35-60 plus canvases inside plus a set of canva social media graphics for each collection. 

Meet the Collections


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Create Showit websites for clients in a day with done-for-you easy design tool to save you time, energy, and money! Because your time is money. With over 250 site canvases, these are all you need to create unique, stunning, and gorgeous websites that will change your design life and business! 

Client Sites 

Make passive income by creating templates with the Site Canvas Studio. Think of a canvas collection as a wireframe design tool that you can customize with carefully crafted and placed visuals like images, text, call-to-action buttons, headers, footers, icons, and illustrations that you can use to instantly impress buyers and start making more recurring income! 

Template Creation 

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The possibilities are endless you can use the canvases to create your own website or use them to create designs that you can sell. 

With YOUR membership

What you can do

Designing everything yourself leaves you steps behind your competitors. If you thought designers making the big bucks are doing it ALL. alone... That's probably not the case. 

Not every designer is good at every style in design, and that's okay. The reality is not all design styles are easy for everyone. You might be a powerhouse in one style and struggle in another. ALL normal. 

Outsourcing and using tools are powerful and what leads to significant growth.  Handing things over that you might not find enjoyable is a great way to relieve stress in your business.  

Here's What Designers Don't Chat About

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Every month new collection canvases are added to the membership. You get two new collections a month. The first set is released on the 1st of the month and the second set is released on the 15th of every month! 

New Collections Added Monthly 

Option Three. This option is exactly like option two but the ONLY difference is that you can pay in full instead of monthly payments. 


Option Two. Pay a monthly committed fee for 12 months with commercial use rights and keep all Collections for Commercial and personal use after 12 months for lifetime personal and commercial use. 


Option One. Pay a low monthly fee and remain a member as long as you want, cancel anytime and get commercial use rights as long as you are a paying member. If you cancel then retire what you are using to sell but keep what you have for your own website only. 


So how does the Site Canvas Studio work and what are your options? 

 THE membership

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Every Collection is SEO optimized with all correct text tags for proper SEO. 

All canvas layers in every collection have the correct order from top to bottom, according to Showit Standards. 

Plus, all Collections are organized by canvas type to quickly import a canvas into a site. 

Behind the senses, we take pride in saving you time by ensuring each collection is organized and optimized.

The Site Canvas Studio is a product of Brand Me Gorgeous that is operated by a certified Showit design PARTNER. 


"I have been using my Site Canvas Studio templates to build templates for clients, for my own websites, and creating new templates for my up-and-coming Website in Weekend retreats, and I love it!. It is an amazing investment and has improved my workload and sanity!"

"It is so easy to use, so organized, and such amazing templates. She really thought of everything, even things I did not know I needed."


"After using these  Collections I  can say  that I adore how effortless it is to quickly build a website that has both aesthetic appeal and practicality. It makes my design process so much more efficient!

"I adore how effortless it is to quickly build a website that has both aesthetic appeal and practicality. It makes my design process so much more efficient!"


"I love the canvas ! As a very new designer it helped me design so much quicker, as well as when I build from scratch I will feel more confident in what should be on a template or custom design. They were so easy to use and being a new designer what would have took me possibly weeks took me days!"

"They were so easy to use and being a new designer what would have took me possibly weeks took me days!"

Watch the behind the scenes open house tour!  

Supporting all designers! See what's Included with each collection. 

For newbie or pro

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Most frequently asked questions for all options. 

How long is the membership for? Can I cancel?

What happens if I cancel my no commitment membership? Can I still use the canvases?  

Here's the 411 on the no commitment options.

Have questions about the membership?

You can only cancel the no-commitment $23.00 a-month membership. The 12 month membership is not designed to be canceled. You must stay an active member and pay the monthly membership fee every month to use the canvases. This membership only ends once you cancel it (for the no-commitment) or after 12 months with the (12 months access) membership option. 

If you cancel your no commitment membership, you must retire all canvases and collections you downloaded for commercial use. You may only use them moving forward for your personal website use.

However any past client sites or templates you have already sold, you do not need to do anything.

Do I have to provide site credit to the Site Canvas Studio? 

Nope, not at all. No credit is needed. All designs are designed as tools for you to use to grow your own design business—no need to add anything in any footer crediting us. 


Yes. And yes!


You may not sell these canvases as is or as individual canvases. They must be mixed and edited to create your own work. You also may not sell any of these canvases in part or in whole with resell rights. 

Membership Yes and No's

use on client sites

use on your site

use in templates


Resell as is

Cancel membership and keep on old client sites. Do Not use on anymore new clients sites after canceling.

Cancel membership and can keep and use on your own site for personal use only. 

Cancel membership and remove from any canvases being used on any current templates for sale. Old templates sold no need to do anything. 

Always instal key in your account then customize and transfer a new key to clients account. 

no commitment monthly option


Join the MEMBERSHIP you can



or PAY in full

  • Get access  month by month for 12 months with commercial use rights! Including new collections added monthly. 

  • 12 months commitment or pay in full. Can not cancel.   

  • Keep all Collections for Commercial and personal use  after 12 months. 

$85.00/ month 

with lifetime COMMERCIAL use


  • Get access  month by month as long as you're a monthly paying member with commercial use rights! Including new collections added monthly. 

  • Cancel anytime and keep the collections you downloaded for personal use only. 

  • Retire Collections for Commercial after canceling  

$23.00 /month

commercial use ends

No Commitment


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