About Site Canvas Studio

From one designer to another, I know the struggles of making the best use of your creative time. 

If you're anything like me, you have great creative days and well... let's say, some not-so-creative days. 

Some days you sit and stare at your computer screen for what seems like hours. But, In reality, probably only 5 mins before you get up and walk away. And by that time, you're just over it. 

Then, we get the great days! You know, the days when we can feel accomplished, proud, and excited to share our work on social media and launch sites for the world to see! That's the feeling and days I want you always to have.  

I am all for working smart, not too hard, but hard enough to want to live the life you want on your terms. And if those terms involve saving time and energy, I call that a win.

I'm Mindy and am a Certified Showit Design Partner at Brand Me Gorgeous.  

At BMG I help Showit Users & Designers Grow A Gorgeous Brand With A Showit Website And Creative Direction.

In case we haven't met or you haven't seen me around.

Our canvases are the future for Showit designers to have as one of the best tools in their business.

At Site Canvas Studio, we believe...